Juliano - USP - DCC greylist and plugin SA

Juliano Alves Guidini jguidini@usp.br
Fri Apr 24 22:50:52 UTC 2015


I'm configuring our MX to use DCC as greylist using dccifd as a before-queue content filter and I want to pass the messages filtered by greylist in a amavisd-new + SA in the same machine. Dccifd can work inet or socket and SA use dccifd as socket or inet but not SMTP proxy, used in smtpd_proxy_filter ( postfix ), in other words, without -o parameter. 

As you suggest to use both, greylist client and SA DCC plugin in same machine? 

Best Regards, 

Juliano Alves Guidini 
Analista de Sistemas 

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