No rule to make target `-lmilter', needed by `dccm'.

Vernon Schryver
Sun Jul 20 18:54:45 UTC 2014

> From: Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>

> No rule to make target `-lmilter', needed by `dccm'.
> seems that the dccm somehow depends on "SENDMAIL_LIB" according to make,
> which it should not...

Why not?  dccm requires the milter library.  When the milter library
is locally built from sendmail source and so SENDMAIL_LIB is a bunch
of .a files, I think that dependency is a good idea.

I think that dependency is only via DPADD in  Are you
using a version of GNU make that does not understand
    foo: -lbar
as a dependency on etc.?
>From at least one version of the GNU make info text:

       When a prerequisite's name has the form `-lNAME', `make' handles it
    specially by searching for the file `', and, if it is not
    found, for the file `libNAME.a' in the current directory, in
    directories specified by matching `vpath' search paths and the `VPATH'
    search path, and then in the directories `/lib', `/usr/lib', and
    `PREFIX/lib' (normally `/usr/local/lib', but MS-DOS/MS-Windows versions
    of `make' behave as if PREFIX is defined to be the root of the DJGPP

If you don't intend to use dccm, try
   ./configure --disable-dccm  ...

Vernon Schryver

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