building DCC - instructions in source

Vernon Schryver
Sun Jul 20 18:11:15 UTC 2014

> From: Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>

> >`lynx -force_html` works for me.
> >
> >`lynx -dump -force_html` generates text.
> I just wanted to note that I find the need to run ./configure
> to get working INSTALL howto (that tells me to run ./configure)

What need is that?  Again, the difference between the
and the generated INSTALL.html is that the .in file has @X@ placeholders
for some file and directory names that you choose with ./configure.
Any choice for those file and directory names in the published DCC
tarball would be wrong for many (probably most modern) installations.
"@libexecdir@/updatedcc" in the file is clear as well
as more accurate than obvious alternatives such as "/var/dcc/updatedcc"

I need the INSTALL.html for the web pages.  10 years ago I shipped
INSTALL.txt files.  I stopped because the costs of maintaining them
(i.e. maintaining machinery to generate presentable .txt files) wasn't

I could ship both and INSTALL.html, but that INSTALL.html
would necessarily differ from the ultimate INSTALL.html.  Shipping
both source and files generated from that source is too effective as
a recipe for confusion and errors.

Vernon Schryver

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