sendmail not communicating with dccm

Vernon Schryver
Sun Jul 20 13:46:44 UTC 2014

> From: Michael Grant <>

> FEATURE(dcc)dnl

> 2) I have tried running dccm in debug mode like this:
> # /usr/lib/dcc/dccm -d -d -b -Idcc -tCMN,5, -wwhiteclnt -llog -Uuserdirs
> -SHELO -Smail_host -SSender -SList-ID

> 3) when I send mail through my server, I see nothing in the debug output
> of dccm.  I don't see any lines in the mail.log either (I even turned up
> sendmail logging to level 15).  It's like sendmail is completely
> ignoring the fact that it has to send stuff to this milter.

> Suggestions how to debug this further?

 - check that /usr/home/vjs/dcc/misc/dcc.m4 is installed where
    whatever you use to generate can find it

 - check that the "FEATURE(dcc)" line your file is generating
    the desired Xdcc line your file and
    that the other milter dcc lines are present

 - try removing claimav, to test the idea that the clamav .mc file (?)
    is turning off a milter option needed by dccm.

 - Have you tried /var/dcc/libexec/hackmc ?

 - Have you tried more than 2 -d's ?

 - what happens when you kill dccm and then try to receive mail?
    Sendmail should complain.

 - Why should dccm system log lines appear in mail.log?  Does any dccm
    logging appear in mail.log? In other words, is your /etc/syslog.conf
    (or equivalent, since you don't mention the operating system)
    sending both streams of dccm log lines to mail.log?  (There are two
    streams.  See -L in `man dccm` and in /var/dcc/dcc_conf)

Vernon Schryver

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