SpamAssassin 3.4

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jun 17 15:03:38 UTC 2014 announces SpamAssassin 3.4.0.
Version 3.4.0 includes the new version of the SpamAssassin DCC plugin 
previously in DCC source.

Setting dcc_learn_score to your SpamAssassin spam threshold will cause
SpamAssassin to report all kinds of spam to DCC with a DCC target count
of "many".  As a result, new messages that are substantially identical
to previous messages that SpamAssassin decided were spam will have DCC
counts of "many," even if other SpamAssassin rules do not score them
as spam.  This feedback loop has significantly increased SpamAssassin+DCC
hit rates, particular at some non-English SpamAssassin+DCC installations.

Vernon Schryver

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