Cannot compile with gcc 4.8
Mon Jun 16 11:25:03 UTC 2014

The setting of CPPFLAGS on Arch Linux is done globally in the 
configuration of its "makepkg" tool that is used to build packages. 
Currently it does this:


I changed my dcc PKGBUILD on Arch so that it appends "-O2" to CPPFLAGS 
and this allows it to compile successfully.

The other thing I tried, which also worked, was to append CPPFLAGS to 
CFLAGS and then unset CPPLAGS. I decided against this approach because 
CPPFLAGS could contain settings other than FORTIFY_SOURCE.

Further discussion on the Arch forum here:

If there is an alternative fix in the future then I'll remove the 
workaround from the package.

John Lane

On 16/06/14 04:55, Sven Willenberger wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Jun 2014 07:06:25 GMT
> Vernon Schryver <> wrote:
>> I think that putting _FORTIFY_SOURCE into CPPFLAGS is a bug in the
>> Arch Linux packaging system.
>> I also think that checking compiler optimzation levels in cpp is a gcc
>> bug, even there is no way to know whether cpp is running by itself
>> (including as gcc -E) or as a C compiler pre-processor.
>> Judging from a little Google searching, this will be a widespread
>> problem as more Linux distributions get the new gcc features.h and if
>> they make the same choice as Arch Linux of treating -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE
>> as a pre-preprocessor setting (CPPFLAGS) instead of a compiler
>> setting (CFLAGS).  By "widespread", by which I mean not just DCC.
> Reading through this I tried to add -O2 to the CPPFLAGS so that it
> reads:
> to makepkg.conf and tried to build the DCC package. Long story short,
> it was successful. I would suggest to the package maintainer that he
> simply add CPPFLAGS+="-O2" to his own build so as not to clash with the
> system makepkg (or simply change to CPPFLAGS="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE")
> I will leave the system-wide package making flags up to the developers
> of Arch (as typically they would be the ones actually making packages.)
> There are many packages that are community added (such as DCC) and as
> this issue starts to crop up more, this thread may server as a good
> frame of reference for "fixes".
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