Reputation threshold?

Vincent Fox
Fri Feb 1 03:09:15 UTC 2013


We are planning to "go commercial" and enable DCC Reputation checking on 
our mail routers.

However I am still unclear on the meaning of this setting:

"option threshold rep,20%"

The language describing it says:

"To choose a reputation threshold, consider the Mail with DCC 
Reputations graphs. The narrow band of yellow, pink, blue and red shows 
that most IP addresses have DCC Reputations that are either <1% or >60%. 
It makes little sense to use DCC Reputation filtering with a threshold 
below about 10% or above 60%. 40% or 50% is conservative threshold and 
20% is somewhat aggressive. "

So does it mean that if you pick 40%, that the IP is 40% bulk and 60% 

What does it do with this threshold?  It doesn't appear to be a cutoff 
since I still see
mail on my test server scoring in the lower bands.

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