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Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar@fantomas.sk
Thu Jan 12 13:34:29 UTC 2012

Sorry for not getting to this e-mail sooner...

On 10.11.11 02:07, Vernon Schryver wrote:
>For the last 18 months, the DCC source has included a new version of
>the SpamAssassin DCC plugin.  As far as I know, it is completely upward
>compatible.  Besides a general clean up of the Perl source and a bunch
>of changes that should make DCC.pm faster and more robust, it includes
>a mechanism that reports message detected as spam by SpamAssassin to DCC
>with target counts of 'many'.

So, is DCC no more a system for detecting bulkiness, but a 
spamminess of a message?

>Two or three months ago a DCC installation started using that mechanism
>on its incoming 750K messages/day.  The effect is to increase DCC
>target counts for messages considered spam by SpamAssassin to 'many'.
>That should have little effect on DCC installations that set DCC
>thresholds to values below 1000.  750K messages/day is too few to
>support certain conclusions, but judging from the DCC server graphs,
>it has noticable effects on the majority of other DCC installatios
>that use the DCC.pm default synonym of 9999999 for 'many'.

I was wondering, if I can change the MANY value for reporting and 
threshold for checking, outside of a DCC client (e.g. DCC.pm)

>That increased target count of 'many' can not only help other DCC
>installations, but also sites using the mechanism with the default
>DCC.pm threshold of 999999.  For example, a message from an SMTP
>client (mail sender) at an IP address in a DNS blacklist (DNSBLs)
>can get a DCC target count of 'many'.  A later copy received via
>an address not in a DNSBL can trigger a SpamAssassin+DCC rule.

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