open(/var/dcc/map): Permission denied

Vernon Schryver
Thu Sep 22 19:26:30 UTC 2011

> From: "Aldo Necci" <>
> To:

> SpamAssassin is configured to use the right path, this is its configuration:
> use_dcc 1
> dcc_path /usr/local/bin/dccproc
> dcc_home /var/dcc
> dcc_dccifd_path /var/dcc/dccifd

Are you using a current version of SpamAssassin?

Have you tried the SpamAssassin DCC test?   I've forgotten how to
invoke it and do not see it mentioned in

I understood that the SpamAssassin people were going to ship the
new version of the SpamAssassin DCC plugin in
If that file differs from the you are using, 
it might be entertaining to try it.

> I don't see any UDP connection after dccifd started,
> the output of the command "netstat -pu" is empty and
> there isn't any firewall (I disabled the default software firewall).

Is dccifd running?  If dccifd is running and SpamAssassin can reach
the UNIX domain socket at /var/dcc/dccifd, then SpamAssassin should
never try dccproc.  Since SpamAssassin cannot use dccproc to reach
/var/dcc/map, one might expect problems reaching /var/dcc/dccifd.

If dccifd is not running, then perhaps /var/dcc/libexec/rcDCC has
not been sym-linked to the right /etc/rc* directories.

> > Are you doing anything with "jails" or chroot in mail processing?
> No, I let the default settings.

Do the default settings involve jails or chroot?
I cannot guess after some Google for Scientific Linux.
Are you using sendmail, postfix, or something else?

> > What happens with a manual invocation of dccproc like mine above?
> Nothing, the log directory under /var/dcc/ is also empty.

What kind of nothing happens?  When you feed `dccproc -C` a test 
message like
    asdf: asdf

does dccproc emit the X-DCC header?  Or do you see the complaint
about /var/dcc/map that SpamAssassin sees?

> Yes I think the same because on previous versions of Linux I used
> (Scientific Linux 5) and previous
> version of DCC everything was OK. The commands "./configure" and

Could you re-install DCC to use the username/UID used by SpamAssassin?
That should make the setuid bit on /usr/local/bin/dccproc irrelevant.

Vernon Schryver

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