Using "ok env_From" to whitelist mail from whole domain

Matthew Richardson
Sat Aug 27 15:32:57 UTC 2011

The FAQ at has an entry about
whitelisting incoming email FROM a whole domain saying:-

>To whitelist all mail sent from a domain, add a line like the following
>to the global /var/dcc/whiteclnt file or a per-user whiteclnt file: 
>OK      env_From

My tests indicate that this does not work as described.  Whereras:-

OK      env_From

in the global whiteclnt file does cause both greylisting and checking to be
bypassed, a similar entry for the whole domain seems to be completely

Should this feature work, or is the FAQ somehow mistaken?

I am using DCC 1.3.134 with Postfix using DCCM as a milter.

With many thanks.

Best wishes,

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