[DOC-PATCH] Error in man page

Bram dcc@lists.wizbit.be
Wed Aug 3 15:06:36 UTC 2011

There appears to be an error in the dcc manpage:

Quote from man dcc:
                option MTA-first
                option MTA-last
                    consider MTA determinations of spam or not-spam  
first so they can be overridden by whiteclnt files, or last so that  
they can override whiteclnt files.
              In the absence of explicit settings, the default in the  
main whiteclnt file is equivalent to
                  option log-normal
                  option dcc-on
                  option greylist-on
                  option greylist-ignore-spam-off
                  option greylist-log-on
                  option DCC-rep-off
                  option DNSBL1-off
                  option DNSBL2-off
                  option DNSBL3-off
                  option DNSBL4-off

The last line should read "option MTA-last" instead of "MTA-last"

=> Patch (against dcc-1.3.140) attached.

Best regards,


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