errors in mail log

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jul 5 13:25:21 UTC 2011

> From: Tom Kinghorn <>
> To:

> does anyone know why the following would appear in the logs
> dccifd[29182]: impossible pkt_vers 0 for @ (,6277)

It means that according to the entry in the /var/dcc/map file for
the DCC server at, the version number of the DCC client-server
protocol supposedly used by that DCC server is 0.  That suggests
that the DCC software has been modified, that the /var/dcc/map file
has been corrupted, or that the UNIX-like operating system being
used has bugs in its implementation of memory mapped files.

By the way, unless I'm confused, your current organization does not
have a DCC server connected to the global network of DCC servers.
The DCC mechanism is far less effective (and often useless) without
access to the real time reports of bulk email from the global network
of DCC servers.  In addition, running a DCC server that does not
exchange reports of bulk email with the global network violates the
license on the free version of the DCC software.

Vernon Schryver

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