local vs. global counts for checksums

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar@fantomas.sk
Wed Mar 23 20:50:00 UTC 2011

> > > You need a commercial license if you sell anti-spam appliances or
> > > services, or if you do not share your checksums.
> >
> > so if I have two servers, one of which shares my checksums, I can run them
> > without commercial license?

On 23.03.11 19:51, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> If a server does not share its checksums, then it requires a
> commercial license.
> However, why would your internall server not share its checksums?
> Why could it not flood its checksums to your other server while
> refusing all incoming checksums with /var/dcc/flod lines like these:
> /var/dcc/flod on external server at outside.domain.com:
>   # connection to outside peers
>    outside.example.com    5438 9876
>    # connection to internal server
>    inside.domain.com      4583 8967  all->reject
> /var/dcc/flod on internal server at inside.domain.com:
>    # connection to internal server
>    outside.domain.com      8583 8967  -  all->reject

> I wonder 
>    - if a single DCC server with two copies of dccifd with differing
>        thresholds would be sufficient

I was thinking about such behaviour, but the main problem was always to
distinguish between checksums of local and global mail.

>    - if there will be enough email traffic to provide enough data for
>        the inside DCC server to do any good

still worth trying I guess :)

but, yes, I will think about all the stuff
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