Trouble building dccm

Vernon Schryver
Tue Mar 1 03:23:15 UTC 2011

> From: Dean Maluski <>
> To:

> Running Fedora 12.
> I had trouble with dcc finding sendmail sources.
> Created a symlink then seemed to get a successful build.

symlink from where to where?

> Installed but watching maillog I'm getting 
> _______________________________________________________
> fopen(/var/run/dcc/ No such file or directory

Is there a problem with the /var/run/dcc directory?

> Feb 28 21:26:02 zeke dccm[8549]: 1.3.138 listening to /var/run/dcc/dccm
> with /var/dcc

> Feb 28 21:26:02 zeke dccm[8549]: DCC: Unable to bind to
> port /var/run/dcc/dccm: No such file or directory
> Feb 28 21:26:02 zeke dccm[8549]: DCC: Unable to create listening socket
> on conn /var/run/dcc/dccm

Those error messages suggest something wrong with the /var/run directory
as far as dccm is concerned with whatever UID dccm is using.

> There is a copy of dccm in /var/dcc/libexec
> but as you might expect running start-dccm a process is not started
> in /var/run

Is dccm not started or does dccm start and then quit?
Was there a "dccm[8549] ... fatal error" message from dccm?

> I then tried update-dcc, first error is listed below

> warning: 	*** cannot build dccm without mfapi.h ***
> warning: 	*** cannot build dccm without sendmail libraries ***

> I moved sources from root's directory to /usr/src/redhat and started all
> over.

What is meant by "move sources"?  /var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc would
not put anything in ~root unless ~root were one of the ./configure
--homedir --bindir --libexecdir --mandir --with-installroot 

> Rebuilt milter, sendmail, and dcc, seemed to go OK so did a make
> install, same problem.

Which same problem?  Permission or existence problems with /var/run?

> What other details can I provide??

What ./configure settings are you using?
/var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc (or wherever you set ./configure --libexecdir)
runs ./configure with the settings from when updatedcc was last built
by ./configure.  updatedcc announces what it does.  You can also
examine the end of the shell script to find the `configure` command.

> mfapi.h does exist in sendmail src tree.

The DCC ./configure program must be able to find the sendmail milter
header files in a standard place or the sendmail source tree.
That's one of the points of this text from the INSTALL.html and .txt files
in the DCC source or

    The sendmail interface, dccm, must be built with the sendmail
    source and object tree. By default, the makefiles look for
    native sendmail libraries (e.g. on FreeBSD), an installed
    "package" (e.g. on FreeBSD), or a directory named sendmail
    parallel to the DCC source and object tree. Those who regularly
    build new versions of sendmail may find it convenient to make
    a symbolic link there to their current sendmail. Otherwise
    configure the dccm makefile with

	./configure --with-sendmail=/some/where/sendmail
	make install

    If dccm does not build because it cannot find libmilter, check
    that libmilter was compiled with sendmail in the previous step.

    To connect the sendmail Milter interface to dccm, copy or
    "sym-link" misc/dcc.m4 to your sendmail/cf/feature directory
    and add FEATURE(dcc) lines to your configuration
    file. Then rebuild and reinstall your file, and
    restart sendmail.

Vernon Schryver

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