DNSBL -Bset:URL mode

Kostik koc@fax.ru
Tue Feb 1 10:47:46 UTC 2011


Vernon Schryver wrote:
>> But sometimes there are broken domains like:
> My only hope for figuring out what is going on there is in samples
> of the raw mail,
> if the URIs are not broken in the original mail.

I caught one letter, with which the bug occurs. I sent it to you on a
personal mailbox.

$ /usr/local/bin/dccif-test -I dccbug.msg

The log(via syslog) contains the correct domain but also such an erroneous
gethostbyname(touradmiru.dbl.spamhaus.org): Unknown host

Note: erroneous entry is not likely to occur during the first dccif-test
call. But always with two or three consecutive queries.


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