DNSBL -Bset:URL mode

Kostik koc@fax.ru
Mon Nov 1 13:47:40 UTC 2010

And URL like:
DNSBL helper URL email.seekingalpha.com:80
getaddrinfo(email.seekingalpha.com:80.dbl.spamhaus.org): No address
associated with hostname\n
Does the DBL contains port in the server name?

Kostik wrote:
> I'm testing -Bset:URL mode with dbl.spamhaus.org on dcc-1.3.130. It seems
> there is a problem with parsing URL like: example.com?param=
> ---
> DNSBL helper URL example.com?mail_key=f44b9ceaddb7&f... retrans=3
> retry=2 res_query(example.com?mail_key=f44b9ceaddb7&from=mail): Unknown
> host\n
> ---


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