Solaris 10 Issues With fetch-testmsg-whitelist

Taso N. Devetzis
Sun Aug 22 00:35:39 UTC 2010

Solaris 10 exposes a couple of issues with the code designed to delay
the HTTP fetch and mitigate the load on the servers in

The script otherwise runs fine, it just does not add a sleep delay.

The `ps' command on Solaris 10 (and probably other SysV systems)
defaults to displaying processes with the same eUID and controlling
terminal as the invoker.  When run from a script from cron, no
controlling terminal is present and the command fails.

The `cksum' command on Solaris 10 inserts a TAB (instead of a space)
between the checksum and the octet count.  This breaks the `sed'
substitution command.

The following small patch resolves these issues on Solaris 10, and
should not break anything on other systems:

+ Add `-e' option to `ps'
+ Tweak `sed' regexp to include TABs

Note that there is TAB in the `sed' command (beware cut-and-paste).


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