email from Xerox WorkCentre

Vernon Schryver
Wed May 12 19:10:23 UTC 2010

> From: Tony Del Porto <>
> Subject: email from Xerox WorkCentre

> Recently we've been seeing more email sent directly from copiers which
> has the same body, but different attachments, and that mail is setting
> off Fuz2.
> Any suggestions on how to whitelist this kind of thing? Or should I
> just set our thresholds higher?

Do you want mail from random copiers all over the Internet?  If
not, why not white-list your own copiers by IP address, host name,
or even the constant FUZ2 checksum of the ASCII part of the messages?

I think the cgi scripts are still configured on internal, firewalled
HTTP server on, including the hack for the using the
scripts on the main log directory and /var/dcc/whiteclnt file.  If not,
it should be easy to restore.  So it should be possible to whitelist
by point-and-click.

Vernon Schryver

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