rejecting spam at SMTP time

Chris Aseltine
Wed Apr 28 20:55:28 UTC 2010

I thought of another reason why this might not work.  A lot of times when I
sign up for some service, they send me an email to verify my account.  Many
times, their SMTP server (the one sending me the confirmation message) is on
somebody's blocklist.  If it got rejected, the web site thnks I gave a bogus
email address.

"Vernon Schryver" <> writes:

> Why was that message not rejected during the SMTP transaction?
> Checking for spam after telling the mail sender that the message has
> been accept is a bad, albeit very popular mistake.  If the filter
> suffers a false positive and dumps a legitimate message in a "spam
> folder" then the message s likely to disappear.  Your mother will think
> you're snubbing her.

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