band-aid (was: Re: uh oh, think i found a problem...)

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 15 17:42:50 UTC 2010

> From: Chris Aseltine <>

> > I think I've narrowed it down to the above behaviour.  DCC does not seem 
> > to be respecting my -aIGNORE option that I have placed in the config 
> > file. If I change it to -aREJECT, the mail bounces back to my Gmail 
> > account.  If I do -aIGNORE, it just discards it.  Why would that be?
> I changed dccm.c, to just say this:
> void user_reject_discard(CMN_WORK *cwp, RCPT_ST *rcpt_st)
> {
>          return;
> }
> ...and the problem is gone.  Of course, I don't understand the cause, but...

I just now spent time doing a bunch of tests with `dccm -aIGNORE`,
and found no problem with the obvious test tactic of using `nc` to
"play computer" and send mail with high DCC counts to myself.
(`telnet` can also be used instead of `nc`)

user_reject_discard() should only be called for messages with more
than one target and that should be delivered to some targets some but
rejected or discarded for others.

So I tried some sending to 2 targets with differing whiteclnt preferences,
but -aIGNORE had the right result.

Vernon Schryver

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