always seeing a Fuz2, etc. count of 1, no server name in X-DCC- header

Chris Aseltine
Thu Apr 15 02:17:15 UTC 2010

"Vernon Schryver" <> writes:

>> Okay, so, ... are you just hypothesizing that the spam in question was
>> sufficiently 'customized' to evade even Fuz2?  I guess I could accept
>> that, but all of my junk-mail is showing Fuz2=1.  I would expect at least
>> some of them to show up as bulk.  Otherwise how is the program useful?
> If you don't find dccm useful, then please remove it as soon as possible.

Dude, c'mon.  Why you got to be like that?  Anyway, point taken and I will
leave this alone.

> First, why are you hitting both Spamhaus ZEN and the CBL?
> Isn't the CBL included in ZEN?  Why pay your own delay, bandwidth,
> and processing expenses and cost the CBL for the unneeded check?

My mistake, I did not see "CBL" at as one of
the four logos listed.  Plus, is at another domain so I
thought it was something else.

> Why was that message not rejected during the SMTP transaction?

I don't know.  You gave (of course) lots of good reasons to do so.  I guess
you just have to believe me that I check my junk-mail file regularly.
Unfortunately I can't whitelist my mom because she's also at
and spammers impersonate her.  (wait, I could use DKIM...)

> If I were using your set of blacklists, I would have wired them
> through `dccm -B`.

Agreed, although I don't think this option existed when I first started
using DCC (2004?) and I developed my own Perl script for doing the same.
I'm sorry for duplicating the functionality.

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