always seeing a Fuz2, etc. count of 1, no server name in X-DCC- header

Vernon Schryver
Wed Apr 14 21:21:56 UTC 2010

> From: Chris Aseltine <>

> I took your advice and ran the last spam in my junk mail folder through 
> dccproc, it basically behaved like this:
> [ophidian@dakota ~]$ cat junkmsg44.txt | dccproc -H
> dakota 1201; Body=2 Fuz1=2 Fuz2=2

That implies that 2 copies of that message have been reported, and no one
yet has reported a copy as extremely bulky with `dccproc -H -t many`

> I think the underlying mechanism is working, question is, why are 
> all the Fuz2's normal?  Even if I was somehow modifying
> the message (which I don't think I am), wouldn't Fuz2 ignore it?

I don't talk about the Fuz1 and Fuz2 algorithms; if you really care,
you know where to look.
Besides, consider the advertising text added to passing mail by the
service providers that do that sort of thing.  I doubt a useful
spam filter would want to ignore it.

> By the way here is the original message.
> ...

That dccm at your site said the DCC target counts for that copy of
my response to your first message were 1 suggests that it had not
been reported to your current DCC server more than once or to any
other DCC server with a total target count large enough to justify
flooding its checksums to other DCC servers.

That is not very surprising because this is not a very large mailing
list and it is probably more likely than most to be whitelisted by its
subscribers.  Whitelisted mail is not reported to any DCC server.  That's
why I see "Body=0 Fuz1=0 Fuz2=0" here for the same text.

As with any mailing list, you ought to whitelist this list for DCC
filtering.  One way is mentioned on the web page for this list at

See also the demonstration of the proof-of-concept cgi scripts for
maintaining per-user private whitelist in the DCC source at
with user name cgi-demo and password cgi-demo

Vernon Schryver

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