always seeing a Fuz2, etc. count of 1, no server name in X-DCC- header

Chris Aseltine
Wed Apr 14 20:38:37 UTC 2010

I suppose this is where server ID 1282 comes from:,-      RTT+1000 ms  anon
#,-                          ID 1215
#     100% of 32 requests ok  341.14+1000 ms RTT       100 ms queue wait
#,-                                                   ID 1282
#      97% of 32 requests ok  244.61+1000 ms RTT       100 ms queue wait

(That was from `cdcc info` on my machine.)

I took your advice and ran the last spam in my junk mail folder through 
dccproc, it basically behaved like this:

[ophidian@dakota ~]$ cat junkmsg44.txt | dccproc -H dakota 1201; Body=2 Fuz1=2 Fuz2=2


[ophidian@dakota ~]$ cat junkmsg44.txt | dccproc -H dakota 1201; Body=3 Fuz1=3 Fuz2=3 I think the underlying mechanism is working, question is, why are 
all the Fuz2's normal?  Even if I was somehow modifying
the message (which I don't think I am), wouldn't Fuz2 ignore it?

By the way here is the original message.

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010, Vernon Schryver wrote:

>> From: Chris Aseltine <>
>> I am using dccm with sendmail, and I always see a header like this:
>> X-DCC--Metrics: dakota 1282; Body=1 Fuz1=1 Fuz2=1
>> There's no server name any more (like "eatserver"), and all the checksum
>> values are always a count of "1".
>> How would I diagnose any potential problem?
> The string between "X-DCC-" and "-Metrics" is a server name, but
> my poor idea of a "brand" of DCC server, like "MAPS".  Many DCC
> servers do not set their brand names.
> The number "1282" in that X-DCC header is the server-ID of server you
> are using.  You can see its IP address with the command `cdcc info`.
> You should even see its reverse DNS name with `cdcc "info -N"`
> Dccm, dccifd, and dccproc monitor the total round trip time to up to
> a dozen DCC servers and use the fastest.
> If you literally always see body counts of 1, then something is adding
> text to your incoming email before dccm sees it.
> Try feeding a mail message to `dccproc -H` to see if the counts change.
> Vernon Schryver

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