Reasonable and unreasonable bulk mail

Vernon Schryver
Sat Mar 13 03:30:28 UTC 2010

> From: Gary Mills 

> don't expect to be bulk mail.  I realize that I could whitelist
> checksums of empty message to alleviate that problem, but unless this
> process is automated, I'd have to be doing it regularly.  We also
> advise people to add some text to empty messages, but that seems like
> a peculiar solution.  Is there anything else I can do other than
> disabling the Fuz2 checksum?

I disagree with several assumptions there.
One is that only the FUZ2 checksum catches what might be called empty
Another is that most such empty messages are wanted email instead
of viruses, worms, phishing, trojan horses, and other kinds of spam.  
Then there is the notion that filtering spam can be free in time,
effort, and money.

If using the cron script /var/dcc/libexec/fetch-testmsg-whitelist in
the DCC source to maintain a current copy of the list of
checksums of empty and test messages and contributing new checksums to
John's list is too much trouble or if John's list is not suitable,
then it sounds best to disable DCC checking for some or all of your users.

Vernon Schryver

P.S. I think I've made some useful changes to that cron script since I
released the years old version of the DCC software that you are using.

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