short log with dcc

Vernon Schryver
Sat Oct 17 14:12:03 UTC 2009

> From: Bokhan Artem <>

> At the moment dcc is used for outgoing traffic only with local dcc server=
> =2E
> Incoming traffic averages per day are: 10M of recipients,  4.5 M=20
> connections, 400K messages are passed to mailboxes.
> I do not use global DCC servers because commercial filter does=20
> checksum-based filtering job and does it well.
> But we have special type of spam oriented only for our users, it is the=20
> reason I started the topic.

The license on the free version of the DCC software clearly requires
that you share the DCC checksums you compute with the rest of the
world with these words:

 * This agreement is not applicable to any entity which sells anti-spam
 * solutions to others or provides an anti-spam solution as part of a
 * security solution sold to other entities, or to a private network
 * which employs the DCC or uses data provided by operation of the DCC
 * but does not provide corresponding data to other users.

Because you are not sharing the checksums of the spam sent by your
users, you are violating the license on the free DCC source.  Please
stop using the DCC software.

Vernon Schryver

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