short log with dcc

Bokhan Artem
Fri Oct 16 19:06:21 UTC 2009

> What is the purpose of not logging the entire message body? 
> Are you trying to minimize disk space used for log files or are there privacy issues?  
> Building dccm with `./configure --with-max-log-size=1` would
> limit log files to 1 KByte of message body.
The reason is the waste of resources, servers are quite busy with email 
Writing files to disk is expensive (all stuff is in memory now, no any 
disk i/o),
writing files into memory and frequent postprocessing them with script 
is an alternative,
but it does not look elegant and needs more memory.
> For a "this is spam" button, I would use something like the "this is
> not spam; stop greylist" button in proof-of-concept cgi scripts in the
> DCC source.  That mechanism feeds checksum lines from log files to the
> dccsight program.
I will look, thanks.
> Note that message-IDs are not a reliable key for incoming mail
> messages.  Not only does plenty of spam lack message-ID headers,
> but so does mail from systems using qmail. 
I understand that. Did not know about qmail.
>  If you use dccm+sendmail,
I use postfix+dccm, I do not know yet when postfix writes message-id, 
before or after milter.
I do not see any other appropriate keys. Probably, I could create one 
with milter before dccm. Probably, the dcc checksum could be the key itself.
> Vernon Schryver
Any advice about code hook place?

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