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Vernon Schryver
Fri Oct 16 16:13:43 UTC 2009

> From: Artem Bokhan <>

> I want to find out, if there a way (may be dirty one) to log to file or 
> syslog "email_address message-id checksum_type checksum" fields of 
> messages, passed through dccm+dccd, without logging the whole body?
> With help of feedback from users ("this is spam" button) I want to use 
> this log to find and mark messages (which are already sent to user 
> mailboxes) with spam flag.
> If there is no standard way, could anybody point me the best place (may 
> be variables names) I could inject my own code into? Any other help is 
> also appreciated!

What is the purpose of not logging the entire message body?  Are you
trying to minimize disk space used for log files or are there privacy
issues?  Building dccm with `./configure --with-max-log-size=1` would
limit log files to 1 KByte of message body.

For a "this is spam" button, I would use something like the "this is
not spam; stop greylist" button in proof-of-concept cgi scripts in the
DCC source.  That mechanism feeds checksum lines from log files to the
dccsight program.

Note that message-IDs are not a reliable key for incoming mail
messages.  Not only does plenty of spam lack message-ID headers,
but so does mail from systems using qmail.  If you use dccm+sendmail,
your users will see message-ID headers in all mail, but only
because sendmail will have added them.  Because sendmail adds the
message-ID headers after dccm sees the message, they will not be in
dccm log files.

Note also that sendmail IDs in syslog are mostly distinct from SMTP

Vernon Schryver

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