51GB /var/dcc/log/

Bart Dumon bart.dumon@scarlet.biz
Thu Sep 17 15:18:01 UTC 2009

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 09:29:57AM -0500, Bob Pierce wrote:
> My /var/dcc/log/ directory has about 51GB of files that look like this:
> 8.0K -rw------- 1 root bin  6.6K May 26 05:10 msg.3wbrjV
>  36K -rw------- 1 root bin   33K May 26 05:57 msg.3wbrJV
>  12K -rw------- 1 root bin   11K May 27 10:03 msg.3wbRjv
>  12K -rw------- 1 root bin  9.2K May 27 10:03 msg.3wbRjV
> Is it ok to get rid of these files?

It's safe to delete msg.* (not tmp.*) but if you have made the logging available for your users somehow, they won't be able to see the logged messages you have deleted.

It may be worth looking at DCCM_LOG_AT (or DCCIFD_LOG_AT if you're using dccifd) in dcc_conf, you can increase the logging treshold so that less messages will be logged. It's also possible to decrease the size of logged messages but that's an at compile-time parameter you need to supply. (--with-max-log-size=KB).

Also there's an option called DBCLEAN_LOGDAYS which will clean the log directories for you, if you have scheduled cron-dccd ofcourse. You can also log messages in subdirectories (per day/hour/minute) which may just make cleaning up afterwards easier (and faster).


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