DCC version 1.3.104/2.3.104 released

Petar Bogdanovic petar@smokva.net
Wed May 27 11:43:57 UTC 2009

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 02:50:58PM +0000, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Version 1.3.104 of the DCC source is in
> http://www.dcc-servers.net/dcc/source/dcc.tar.Z  and
> http://www.rhyolite.com/dcc/source/dcc.tar.Z
> Commercial version 2.3.104 of the DCC Reputation code is in the usual place.
> The CHANGES file starts with
>     Fix bogus 0 second retries for DNSBL lookups in dccm, dccifd, and dccproc.
>     Accept blocks of addresses in whitelists and elsewhere as starting
> 	and ending pairs like as well as CIDR blocks.
>     Reduce name space pollution for sites using dccif() in dcclib.a.
>     Fix IPv6 ifindex bug reported by Joe Breu.
>     Change IPv6 support to use separate sockets instead of sharing IPv4
> 	sockets.  This is necessary on FreeBSD systems with IPv4 mapped
> 	addresses in IPv6 sockets turned off.
>     Ignore and replace settings of "IPv6 on" and "IPv6 off" in existing
> 	/var/dcc/map files with new values name "IPv6 on", "IPv6 off", and
> 	"IPv6 only".  The new default of "IPv6 on" combined with distinct
> 	socket change described above should make DCC client programs including
> 	dccproc, dccifd, and dccm seamlessly use avaliable IPv6 and IPv4 DCC
> 	servers.  "IPv6 only" and "IPv6 off" should not be needed but are
> 	available just in case.

Lines in map.txt beginning with `@' match and ::1, right?

Also, when creating a map out of a map.txt (load map.txt) in a chrooted,
network-less environment (w/o resolv.conf), cdcc-1.3.104 seems to mark
all hostnames in map.txt as invalid (or unresolvable) and doesn't retry
them even if DNS/network is available again:

		dcc1.dcc-servers.net,-      RTT+1000 ms  anon
		#   undefined name or wrong IP version

		no working DCC servers dcc1.dcc-servers.net
		dcc2.dcc-servers.net dcc3.dcc-servers.net ...

This wasn't a problem with cdcc-1.3.103.  It printed an error, but
seemed to work when DNS/network was available again:

	# cdcc -qh/var/dcc "new map; load map.txt"
	dcc1.dcc-servers.net: No address associated with hostname

I checked man cdcc but there is no such thing as `load -noresolv'.  Is
there a way to solve this without reissuing `cdcc "load map.txt"' when
DNS/network is available?

   Petar Bogdanovic

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