Good starting numbers for spamassassins dcc

Michał Grzędzicki
Sat May 2 10:34:06 UTC 2009


By default spamassassin uses 99999 as dcc_body/fuz1/fuz2_max whitch is  
same as dcc's many.
This is olny 1/6th of the messages.

I'm planing to add variable scoring to spamassassins DCC.PM to make it  
more usefull ( now only messages with many reports are flagged).
I'm thinking about 40 reports getting 1/10 of the base score to 10 000  
reports (or many, where does it start ?) getting whole base score,
500 reports may be treated as likelly spam with 1/2 of base score in  
beatween maybe use 2 linear functions or one of higher order.

Base score should be around 4/5 of mark as spam score.

What would be good threstholds for wery unlikely spam, likelly spam,  
surelly spam.

I'm guessing this is the right aligment body fuz1 fuz2 checksums with  
body getting most reports and fuz2 least reports.
Is this right?

Michał Grzędzicki

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