DCC and Zmailer

Kostik koc@fax.ru
Wed Mar 18 07:38:15 UTC 2009

Hi All,

We implement DCC in conjunction with ZMailer (www.zmailer.org) - ZMS_DCC.

ZMS_DCC is Zmscanner module. It uses DCC Interface Daemon (dccifd) to submit
messages into DCC. This also allows to use DCC greylisting mechanism for ZMailer

Zmscanner is an extensible modular contentfilter for ZMailer MTA. It is
designed to be fast and efficient and thus suitable for high traffic mail

Zmscanner homepage:

zms_dcc homepage:

We are useing ZMS_DCC more 6 month on high traffic mail systems and it works fine.
Any question and suggestion are welcome.


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