DCC version 1.3.103/2.3.103 released

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sun Mar 1 18:06:41 UTC 2009

> > I fetched a current version of NetBSD, and found that it still wants
> > .0 instead of .8 man pages to avoid running groff on every `man` command.

> I am unable to reproduce that problem. After applying the patch above
> and doing `./configure --mandir=/usr/pkg/man && make install' in a
> pretty clean NetBSD chroot, I get this:
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dcc.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/cdcc.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dbclean.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dccd.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dblist.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dccm.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dccifd.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dccproc.8
> 	/usr/pkg/man/man8/dccsight.8

There are two parts to that problem.  One is whether NetBSD needs the
special "install:maninstall" dependency and the odd dccmaninstall rule
for installing man pages.  I prefer to use whatever the target system
prefers.  If I remove the man page installation rules from Makefile.inc2,
`make manistall` doesn't work.

The second part is that the man command use `groff` to generate
text files from .8 files every time `man dcc` is run.  That is the
pause while it says "man: Formatting manual page..."

> > P.S. Why delete .c files when `make` is interrupted?
> When interrupting `make' in the dcc source directory?

Yes, I think it was `make install`

> I can't reproduce that as well:

I saw it only once, which was too many.  That one time it emptied
the dcclib directory of all except 4 .c files.  It could be a rule
that makes .c files the results of something.  `make` historically
deleted generated files at a failure including a single unless they
were in marked .PRECIOUS or something.  I don't see anything with
`make -dg1`, but that doesn't mean anything.  Maybe it somehow
decided to make the purge target as part of stopping the `make`.
All I know is that I interrupted `make` and found lots of .c files gone.

> > P.P.S. Why does NetBSD still want to build lint libraries by default?
> When does that happen?

When the "NOLINT" line in Makefile.inc is removed:

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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