DCC version 1.3.103/2.3.103 released

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sat Feb 28 16:45:28 UTC 2009

> From: Petar Bogdanovic 

> Minor inconsistency:
> --- configure.orig      2009-02-26 09:11:12.000000000 +0100
> +++ configure   2009-02-26 09:11:57.000000000 +0100
> @@ -3471,8 +3471,8 @@
>      NetBSD)
>         # default to /usr/local/man/man8 and use nroff files, possibly
>         #   compressed via /usr/share/mk on versions well after 1.4.2.
> -       mancat=cat
> -       MAN8='dcc.0 $(SUBDIR_MAN0)'
> +       mancat=man
> +       MAN8='dcc.8 $(SUBDIR_MAN8)'
>         MAN8INST=''
>         # force NetBSD to install the man pages
>         USE_DCCMANINSTALL='install maninstall: dccmaninstall'

I fetched a current version of NetBSD, and found that it still wants
.0 instead of .8 man pages to avoid running groff on every `man` command.
It also seems that 
   - bsd.man.mk is not included by including bsd.subdir.mk
   - it wants the list of man pages in $(MAN) instead of $(MAN8) or $(MAN0)
   - my efforts to try to use the NetBSD bsd.man.mk led it to
      /usr/local/man/man/man8, which didn't work at all.
   - I never did manage to get it to use or want compressed man pages.

So I think the best solution is change the comment.  That's certainly
a smaller change.  I think it's more likely to continue working.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

P.S. Why delete .c files when `make` is interrupted?  Since I was just
  installing tarballs, that did me no harm.  If I were writing new code,
  I would have feed all available NetBSD CDROMs to a shredder and then
  burned the bits.  (I didn't investigate.  It's probably a /usr/share/mk
  rule that makes *.c depend on something.)

P.P.S. Why does NetBSD still want to build lint libraries by default?
  Who has needed lint in this century?  Doesn't everyone use prototypes
  and turn on sufficient compiler warnings?

P.P.P.S. Setting gcc to make warnings cause errors (NOGCCERROR) is good for
  testing, when you do not enable many warnings, or you know all there
  is to know about the target platform and so know there will be no
  warnings.  It is an unwise default.

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