DCC version 1.3.103/2.3.103 released

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Thu Feb 26 03:08:00 UTC 2009

Version 1.3.103 of the DCC source is in
http://www.dcc-servers.net/dcc/source/dcc.tar.Z  and

Commercial version 2.3.103 of the DCC Reputation code is in the usual place.

The CHANGES file starts with
    Quiet RedHat versus Debian error message from rcDCC reported by Ken Rea.
    Deal with corrupt /var/dcc/map reported by Steve Martin instead of
	calling abort().
    Fix error in libexec/fetch-testmsg-whitelist reported by Horst Scheuermann
	and William Taylor.
    Tweak ./configure and makefiles to try to avoid the mysterious,
	unreproducable linking problem reported by John Levine.
    Fix bug with `./configure --with-max-log-size=0` reported by
	Valentin Schmid.
    `./configure --with-max-log-size=KB` now also applies to dccproc log files.
    Generate man pages with /var/dcc and other directories replaced by
	local ./configure choices.  This is intended to help the FreeBSD
	package	and similar redistributions.

/var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc should automagically fetch, build, and
install the commercial or free version, depending on the .updatedcc_pfile
file, unless you have installed a version of Linux with the broken
default `sort` collating sequence since last upgrading.  If so, an
easy way to get the old updatedcc script working is to delete the
entire /var/dcc/build/dcc directory before running updatedcc.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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