checksum addition to whiteclnt

Vernon Schryver
Fri Feb 20 15:00:03 UTC 2009

> From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Ma-ris_Ruskulis?= <>

> I'm using dccm with postfix, I know, that this is not recommended setup,
> but it works fine. 

On the contrary, I'm glad that works fine because using dccifd as
a postfix before-queue filter *IS* one of the recommended configurations.
That is why postfix before--queue filtering is the example in the
dccifd man page in your copy of the DCC source or at

>                    Problem with postfix prequeue proxy filter is that it
> did not checks headers before passing to dccifd. 

Why is that a problem?  Why not let postfix do DCC checks including 
SMTP headers before postfix does other checks?

>                                                  My question is not
> related to this setup. I'm wondering what actions is required after
> checksum addition to white-clnt, is dccm restart required or there is
> some quicker way to reload whitelist?

If you are using dccifd as a Postfix before-queue filter, why and how
are you also using dccm?  Perhaps "dccm" was a typo for "dccifd."

Changes to the main /var/dcc/whiteclnt file (or wherever you put the
DCC home directory) and changes to per-user whiteclnt files are
automatically noticed by dccifd, dccm, and dccproc (when dccproc is run
with -w).  Changes to files included in whiteclnt files are also
automatically noticed.

The most common causes of whiteclnt problems are:

  - ownership
      The DCC program such as dccifd must lock the file, and that requires
      that dccifd be able to write the file

  - locking
      Editors including `vi` on many UNIX like systems lock files.
      While you have the file visible in `vi`, dccifd will not be able
      to use it and dccifd will complain to the system log.

Vernon Schryver

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