truncated request ?

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jan 29 18:56:31 UTC 2009

> From: laurent lavaud <>

> i have setup dcc (1.3.102) with spamassassin, and it seems to work, i 
> see the dccifd process started and "cdcc info" seems to be good.
> but when i look to dcc log directory, i see lots of files and each files 
> contains "truncated request" message.
> have you any ideas why i got this errors ?

The error message means that dccifd tried to read more of the request
from the MTA (SpamAssassin in this case) but encountered end-of-file.
This happens while dccifd is looking for the lines containing recipient
user names, options, SMTP client IP addresss and host name, HELO value,
and SMTP envelope Mail_From value before the mail message body including
headers.  The ASCII protocol used between dccifd and SpamAssassin is
described in the dccifd man page or

Are there any other indications of problems such as complaints from
SpamAssassin or other error messages in the log files such as
"write(MTA socket,3): Broken pipe"?

Has the SpamAssassin timeout for DCC checks been reduced?

When you say that `cdcc info` seems to be good, does that mean that
the delays to the DCC servers are at most a few hundred milliseconds?

Vernon Schryver

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