Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Thu Dec 4 19:07:15 UTC 2008

> From: Michael Artz 

> >> The maillogs of the server (running SpamAssassin) show the DCC_CHECK

> > Ensure that /var/dcc/log exists and is writable by the UID used by  
> > dccifd
> >
> > Ensure that the value of DCCIFD_LOG_AT is small enough
> > to log what you want.  In the dcc_conf file created by the first
> > `make install`, DCCIFD_LOG_AT=$DCCM_LOGDIR and DCCM_LOGDIR=5.
> > That will log mail messages with a checksum values >=5.
> > ("MANY" can be used instead and is larger than any number.)

> we are having exactely the same problem over here. (running 1.3.99 in  
> debian etch)
> So the server should log something in the default config, shouldn't  
> it? dccd is run by root, the directory /var/dcc/log exists but the  
> only logging I am seeing goes to mail.err concerning a dead flooding  
> peer. No logging in /var/dcc/log whatsoever.

I just tested dccifd with a clean dcc_conf, and got msg.* files in
/var/dcc/log for messages with checksum counts of "MANY".

If the permissions and so forth are right, then

  - Ensure that dccifd is being used instead of dccproc
     Dccproc was originally intended for use with procmail, which is why
     it has the name dccproc.  Dccifd is much cheaper.
     A common cause of SpamAssassin using dccproc instead of dccifd is
     putting the DCC home directory somewhere other than /var/dcc but
     not telling SpamAssassin.

     If you must use dccproc, tell SpamAssassin to run dccproc with
     -El/var/dcc/log and something like -cCMN,5,
     to get logging similar to dccifd

  - to have dccifd (or dccproc) log everything, set the log threshold with
      -t (or -c) to 0 instead of 5

  - add -d or -dd to DCCIFD_ARGS in /var/dcc/dcc_conf and restart dccifd with
     That will cause noise in the system log when dccifd has trouble

Busy systems that have dccifd logging working will need to clean 
/var/dcc/log and the per-user log directories in /var/dcc/userdirs/local/*/log
with something like /var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd

You might also want to use set DCCM_LOGDIR to create new directories
every day, hour, or minute to avoid giant file directories.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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