Michael Artz michael.artz@versatel.de
Thu Dec 4 09:57:02 UTC 2008

On 03.12.2008, at 15:48, Vernon Schryver wrote:

>> However, the servers are not logging anything to /var/dcc/log.
>> The dcc_conf logging options are the default.
>> A kick in the right direction would be appreciated.
>> The maillogs of the server (running SpamAssassin) show the DCC_CHECK
>> in the blocked messages, so it is working.
> Ensure that /var/dcc/log exists and is writable by the UID used by  
> dccifd
> Ensure that the value of DCCIFD_LOG_AT is small enough
> to log what you want.  In the dcc_conf file created by the first
> `make install`, DCCIFD_LOG_AT=$DCCM_LOGDIR and DCCM_LOGDIR=5.
> That will log mail messages with a checksum values >=5.
> ("MANY" can be used instead and is larger than any number.)

Hi all,

we are having exactely the same problem over here. (running 1.3.99 in  
debian etch)

So the server should log something in the default config, shouldn't  
it? dccd is run by root, the directory /var/dcc/log exists but the  
only logging I am seeing goes to mail.err concerning a dead flooding  
peer. No logging in /var/dcc/log whatsoever.



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