specify the directory for dcc_db & hash

Petar Bogdanovic petar@smokva.net
Wed Nov 12 10:18:22 UTC 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 09:37:22AM +0200, Thomas Kinghorn - MWEB wrote:
> Good morning List.
> On FreeBSD, is it possible to specify the location for the dcc_db?
> Currently, everything is in /usr/local/dcc
> I would like to have the dcc_db and dcc_db.hash files in /var/db/dcc
> Is this possible?

Have you tried ALT_HOME?


# ALT_HOME -	DCC keeps its config files in its home direcotry but writes
#		status and database files there as well.  This latter point
#		means that the FreeBSD default home directory for DCC,
#		/usr/local/dcc, cannot be mounted read-only.
#		DCC's default home dir is /var/dcc breaks FreeBSD hierarchy
#		conventions, but allows for a read-only /usr.
#		Setting ALT_HOME on will set DCC's home to /var/dcc, but
#		keep its binaries in /usr/local/dcc/libexec.  Since this
#		also means DCC's config files will be in /var/dcc, for
#		convenience a soft link from /usr/local/etc/dcc to /var/dcc
#		may be created.
#		Note also that dccifd's default socket location is DCC's
#		home, so if /var/dcc is used for the home, then programs
#		like SpamAssassin may need to be explicitly told where
#		to find dccifd's socket.

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