Newbie question - server flod file

Thomas Kinghorn - MWEB
Tue Oct 14 05:24:40 UTC 2008

>It would be easiest to 
>  1. copy the /var/dcc/ids from your existing DCC servers to your
>      new DCC servers.  Ensure that /var/dcc/ids is identical on all
>      of your servers.  (or /etc/dcc/ids or wherever you put the DCC
>      home directory)
>  2. create a new DNS name like with the IP addresses
>     all 4 of your DCC servers.
>  3. Run this command on each DCC client:
>        cdcc "add   RTT-1000 ms  32768 secret"
>      were 32768 is a client ID with password SECRET in /var/dcc/ids on
>      of your servers.
>Then your DCC clients will load balance themselves among your servers.
>Each client will prefer the currently nearest/fastest server.
>Each clients monitors the round trip time (RTT) to all know servers.

Many thanks for the info.

All appears to be up-and-running.

Kind regards

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