how to create a map file?

Vernon Schryver
Fri Sep 19 17:34:04 UTC 2008

> From: Len Conrad <>

> >The script /var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc (or wherever the DCC libexec
> >directory is) should fetch, configure, compile, and try to restart
> >the DCC code.
> that didn't work.   I DLd the .Z file and compiled from source.

You evidently did not do as I suggested, which was to run libexec/updatedcc.
That is relevant because that downloading and so forth evidently did
not use the ./configure parameters that you want to use.  I think those
are the parameters used in the FreeBSD package and recorded in the
./configure command near the end of the updatedcc file in the FreeBSD

More than that, it seems that it did "work" in the sense that EINVAL
complaints from the fcntl() system calls have disappeared.

> In the Makefile, or I put home dir at FreeBSD pkg's
> location of /usr/local/dcc, but the make install created /var/dcc, so
> I copied from there the cgi-bin/ and libexec/ to base of /usr/local/dcc.

Instead of trying to patch a Makefile, or worse, a file,
why not use the normal tools, ./configure or updatedcc?  

You cannot change the DCC home directory with only changes to Makefiles.
You also need to modify various shell scripts and header files.

Or you could use the published interface for making configuration changes,
the ./configure command. 
Even easier, you could running updatedcc, which runs a ./configure command
with the same parameters as the last time ./configure was run.

> ...
> egrep -i 'dccifd' /var/log/maillog
> Sep 19 10:18:24 mx1 dccifd[2649]: open(map): Permission denied; fatal error
> Not sure which map is referenced and to get something going, I did
> chmod 777 /var/dcc/map and to /usr/local/dcc/map, but still get the
> open map error.

The DCC client code does not like map files that can be read by everyone
(e.g. mode 0777), because that implies that the passwords they contain
are not even slightly secure.

However, a mode 0777 mail file would cause complaints other than
"Permission denied." The "Permission denied" complaints shows that
dccifd simply cannot open the map file in whatever it thinks is the DCC
home directory.

I cannot guess about the current state of the system.
Perhaps the easiest solution would be to use pkg_delete, `make deinstall`
and just plain /bin/rm to remove all DCC traces from the system.
Then install the FreeBSD port, not the FreeBSD package.
Finally, run the updatedcc script built by `make install` of the port.

Vernon Schryver

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