Fuz2 false positive

Paul R. Ganci ganci@nurdog.com
Sat Apr 19 00:25:52 UTC 2008

www.isp2dial.com wrote:
> I am testing DCC, via dccproc in spamassassin.
> I don't want to whitelist every mailing list my users read.  If I had
> to do that, I could not justify using DCC.  But if I can disable Fuz2,
> I may consider that.  Is it possible?
Have you tried using the spamassassin control (see 

dcc_fuz2_max NUMBER
    This option sets how often a message's body/fuz1/fuz2 checksum must
    have been reported to the DCC server before SpamAssassin will
    consider the DCC check as matched. 

    As nearly all DCC clients are auto-reporting these checksums, you
    should set this to a relatively high value, e.g. |999999| (this is
    DCC's MANY count).

    The default is |999999| for all these options.

Since DCC's many count is 999999 then setting this to 1000000 (or 
higher) should in principle disable the fuz2 check in spamassassin since 
spamassassin should never get a count higher.

Paul (ganci@nurdog.com)

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