Fuz2 false positive

Rose, Bobby brose@med.wayne.edu
Fri Apr 11 16:52:56 UTC 2008

So the message body is just those generic 5 lines.  No wonder it's been
seen so many times.  In the case of Fuz2 and probably even Fuz1, if that
same message body is used all the time with minor changes such as
changing the uri to another page of the same site, then from dcc's point
of view it's the same message hash.

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I am testing DCC, via dccproc in spamassassin.

I was surprised by a hit with the following message, since only a few
people read that list.

Fuz2 looks like a false positive.

I don't want to whitelist every mailing list my users read.  If I had to
do that, I could not justify using DCC.  But if I can disable Fuz2, I
may consider that.  Is it possible?

X-DCC-dcc-servers.net-Metrics: daves 102; Body=3 Fuz1=3 Fuz2=many

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