Fuz2 false positive

Kevin W. Gagel gagel@cnc.bc.ca
Fri Apr 11 16:44:24 UTC 2008

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>I was surprised by a hit with the following message, since only a few
>people read that list.
>Fuz2 looks like a false positive.
>I don't want to whitelist every mailing list my users read.  If I had
>to do that, I could not justify using DCC.  But if I can disable Fuz2,
>I may consider that.  Is it possible?

Then you don't understand DCC's purpose. DCC is intended to determine the
amount of times messages appear. The more frequently a spammer sends out
very similar messages the higher the count for that message (basically).
The side affect is that ALL bulk mail operations will have high counts.
That means mailing lists with large traffic and large subscribers will have
large counts when the messages appear in the DCC data.

The use of DCC should be coupled with other anti-spam technologies like
SpamAssassin. Unless you exactly what your doing with DCC.

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