DCC version 1.3.87/2.3.87 released

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Sat Apr 5 04:05:50 UTC 2008

Version 1.3.87 of the DCC source is in
http://www.dcc-servers.net/dcc/source/dcc.tar.Z  and

Commercial version 2.3.87 of the DCC Reputation code is in the usual place.

The CHANGES file starts with

    Add `./configure --enable-64-bits` to compile 64-bit DCC server code
	for Solaris or Linux PowerPC.  If you are using dccm, you will
	need to build a 64-bit sendmail milter library.
    Fix complaint from `cdcc "new map"` about the new file being empty.
    Fix bug in `./configure --with-installroot=DIR` and `make install`
	reported by Pavel Urban.
    Fix at least some causes of "continue not asking Greylist" complaints
	from dccm and dccifd.
    Make dbclean on Linux systems with lots of RAM even closer to -F.

/var/dcc/libexec/updatedcc should automagically fetch, build, and
install the commercial or free version, depending on the .updatedcc_pfile
file, unless you have installed a version of Linux with the broken
default `sort` collating sequence since last upgrading.  If so, an
easy way to get the old updatedcc script working is to delete the
entire /var/dcc/build/dcc directory before running updatedcc.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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