problem with cron_dccd?

Vernon Schryver
Wed Feb 6 01:51:22 UTC 2008

> Subject: Re: problem with cron_dccd?

> No, I don't believe it runs `dbclean` -Gon
> Yes, on dcc_conf GREY_ENABLE=on
> Here is the output of ./cron-dccd -x

> ++ DCCUID=root
> ++ DCCD_ENABLE=off 
> ++ SRVR_ID=


I agree that GREY_ENABLE=on, but GREY_SRVR_ID is not set.

There is a bug in cron_dccd.  It should have the same hack that is in
/var/dcc/libexec/start-grey that assumes an ID of 32702 if a real DCC
server is not running.

I will fix that in the next release.  The hack really belongs in
dcc_conf instead of duplicated in cron_dccd and start-grey,
but there is no hope of getting all installations to upgrade their
dcc_conf files.

A work around is to set GREY_SRVR_ID=32702 in dcc_conf.

thanks for reporting the problem,
Vernon Schryver

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