SpamAssassin double hits

Vernon Schryver
Sat Nov 10 18:37:53 UTC 2007

Are there are any SpamAssassin experts in the house?

I suspect a problem at a DCC+SpamAssassin site.  I think that when
SpamAssassin decides a message is spam, it can report it to DCC
via plugin_report() in Plugin/  That is a good thing
most of the time, but it can be a bad thing if mail message is already
spam according to DCC and especially when the local DCC thresholds
are less than "many".

Does  $self->register_eval_rule() set some sort of flag that says
"dccproc or dccifd said this is spam?
If so, could plugin_report() check that flag and bail out early?

Vernon Schryver

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