DKIM becomes more official

John L
Sat Oct 13 05:08:46 UTC 2007

> Yahoo users might stop just assuming that any incoming Ebay/Paypal mail 
> is forged.

Nothing personal, but you don't know much about Yahoo users.

>> I suppose if you had nothing better to do, you could check their web sites
>> three times a day, but it's a lot more convenient for them to send you
>> mail and tell you when someone's sent you money, bought something you've
>> listed, or your auction bid's been accepted.
> That makes sense only if you check your email more often than you
> check the web.  Isn't IM the 21st Century thing?

I check my email way more often than I check any individual web page.  I'm 
not sure I want to know about people who do otherwise.

>>                                               I have stuff listed on
>> ebay's that can sit there for months before someone buys it.
> If you want a sale site where things sit not for months but forever,
> I'll whip up something.  In other words, I doubt the difference between
> and eBay is only email vs. web transactions.

Sigh.  There is no difference between and ebay.  It's one of 
ebay's web sites.  It happens to be the one where you can list books and 
records for sale at fixed prices.  It works fine, but no matter where you 
list your books, you're not going to have people buying them five minutes 
after you list them, and email is a dandy way to alert the seller that 
something finally sold.


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