DKIM becomes more official

John L
Fri Oct 12 22:03:53 UTC 2007

> No...Because yahoo will be *signing* outbound emails, so that other people 
> may flag emails from (and ostensibly not from) the yahoo official servers, 
> this does not imply that they themselves will be using lack of such a 
> signature to detect a forgery on their own end.

Actually, they will be rejecting for no signature, but only for Paypal.

I don't see that DCC and DKIM have anything to do with each other.  DCC is 
a bulk counter, DKIM is an authentication system.  It is perfectly 
possible to have mail that is bulky and signed, or bulky and not signed, 
or not bulky and signed, or not bulky and not signed.

Even if you think that SSP will be useful (I personally don't) DKIM can
only tells you whether someone's willing to take responsibility for a 
message, not whether you trust that someone or want to deliver his mail.

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