version 1.3.60/2.3.60 released

Vernon Schryver
Tue Sep 25 21:12:22 UTC 2007

> From: Rob McMahon 

> > Does #1 work?  I think it will, but I don't have a Sun Studio 12
> > system on which to make the test.
> >   
> You need more than #1, because the if...then following it only decides 
> whether to enable CWARN34.  CWARN is unconditionally set it we've even 
> got that far.  (cc -v returns a usage message:
> usage: cc [ options] files.  Use 'cc -flags' for details

good point.

> Maybe have a --with-c-warnings for people who want / need these warnings ?

Yes, I agree that the warnings are not worth the effort.  I had not
considered something like --with-c-warnings but in this csae it looks
like an easier way way to handle that difference between by development
environment and the real world than the other kludges I use.

] Me again,
]  > uname -a
] SunOS peyote 5.10 Generic_Patch_118844-30 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris
]  > cc -V
] cc: Sun C 5.9 SunOS_i386 Patch 124868-01 2007/07/12

] When making the dependency files in dcclib, is hardwired to 
] use `$(CC) -M'.  Sun Studio compilers use `-xM' for this, `-M' means 
] "load map file", cc kicks out an error
] ld: fatal: file -D_REENTRANT: stat failed: No such file or directory
] and a `.o' file is produced, without the -D_REENTRANT flag having been 
] passed to the preprocessor, which could, I guess, have nasty 
] consequences.  I'm not sure what the clean solution to this is, beyond 
] using the bits out of automake.  I just changed `-M' for `-xM', and all 
] went well.

What about not turning on gmake dependencies when `${CC-cc} -v` does
not respond with a line starting with "gcc version"?

I've released version 1.3.61/2.3.61 in the usual way with the
modified-autoconf generated ./configure script changed to do that
as well as know about an undocumented --with-c-warnings switch.

The automatic dependences are nice if you modify the source after
compiling it, but who besides me does that?
Gmake dependencies are turned off for a bunch of platforms.
If I ever do as more than one person has suggested in recent hours
and start using SunOS and Sun Studio compilers or if anyone using
those compilers is inconvenienced, I'll have to get fancier.  Until then
the simple work-around of no dependences is easier and more robust.

Thanks again for your detecting, testing, and diagnosing.  I hope you
will tell me if this does not fix the problems or if there are more.

Vernon Schryver

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